Daily management of yongkang food sea cucumber cultivation
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The name of the sea cucumber, named sha li, is like a cucumber, because it is full of thorns, and is called "sea cucumber". Its nutritional value is extremely high. As a valuable nourishing product, it is known as the ginseng of the sea. According to expert analysis, sea cucumber is mainly composed of a large amount of mucosin and many amino acids, which has anti-tumor, anticoagulant and anti-aging effects. Let's follow the example of yongkang food.

1. Pond conditions

Sea cucumbers generally inhabit the shallow sea of 3m- 15m, and prefer to live in a calm, seaweed-rich rock bottom or large leaf algae. It is not resistant to low salt, optimum salinity is 28 to 38, therefore ponds should be built in the clear waters wide, water quality, rich bait, away from the river, and no pollution of the waters, this environment sea cucumber growth rapidly.

Sea cucumbers like to attach to hard attachments, and the sea cucumbers have to create such an environment, by putting stones, tiles and cement bricks at the bottom of the pond to make artificial reefs. Because the surface area of the stone is relatively big, the growth base bait is also more, can give sea cucumber for food, so use stone to build a reef the effect is best.

After the pond was built, the ginseng seedlings were raised. Seedlings choose to be early, big, strong, that is, the first batch of eggs are more robust, so choose early seedlings; If the seedlings are abundant, try to choose the seedling; In the same batch of seedlings, if they are large, choose the strong seedling. It is important to note that the density of grazing is reasonable, and the excessive density can cause disease.

2. Seedling selection

The selection specifications are 3cm-10cm and seedless seedlings with no injuries. Every 1/15 hectares of the range of 2000-6000 head, the density of stocking is too high, which can lead to the disease and even a small number of cases, resulting in the low commodity rate.

3. Breeding management

The daily management of sea cucumber is simple. One is to change the water, adopt the free na tide type culture, want to guarantee daily the water two times. It is easy to change the amount of water for disease.

The sea cucumber's ability to adapt to the temperature is very strong, at 0 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ temperature range can normal growth. But when the temperature more than 28 ℃, the need to adopt measures to shade and change water cooling. At ordinary times, management is relatively simple, sea cucumber mainly plankton, benthic diatom, organic detritus, bait in the sea water biological basic can satisfy the need of their growth, and less in the plankton of the season, can feed the right amount of feed.

Sea cucumber is less enemy, mainly Japanese sturgeon and sea bass and so on, once discovered, will be retrieved in a timely manner.

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