Yongkang food teaches how to prevent the disease of grass and fish colitis
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According to years of investigation and treatment, yongkang food made up the following six points:

Firstly, the external use of a disinfectant (dibromine, polyvidone iodine, etc.) to sterilize the breeding water.

Second, the sterilized anti-inflammatory drugs (norfloxacin or innoxacin or allicin, etc.) are also used in the external disinfectant, which lasts for 5 to 7 days.

Third, the use of disinfectant 2-3 after the dumping of an EM, photosynthetic bacteria or bacillus subtilis to improve the water environment; For medicine is stagnant, the use of enzymes (plus enzyme probiotic) and photosynthetic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria spore microbial agents are added to the feed cic feed, increase the intestinal digestion beneficial microorganism amount, repair the intestinal mucosa, adjusting intestinal environment, application of 5 to 7 days.

Fourth, in the process of cultivation and management, the base and water environment of the breeding pond are maintained. Every 15 days or so, the microbial preparation of enzyme preparation (enzyme probiotics) and photosynthetic bacteria or lactobacillus bacillus was added to the feed to maintain the beneficial microbial content of the intestinal tract and continue to use for 3 days.

Fifth, scientifically feed, feed and feed the feed to achieve "four" and "four look".

Sixth, do water to prevent disinfection work, every half moon USES raw lime to do water body disinfection once.

Grass carp intestinal disease occurrence and development of special sex, many farmers in the process of breeding, prevention and control of the disease is not as a primary disease to happen until the illness and more serious, using allicin, norfloxacin broad-spectrum bactericidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and didn't take grass carp intestinal recovery after using drugs, therapeutic effect is not very ideal.

Advice, not should actively prevent intestinal disease, intestinal disease occurs, to take treatment method of combining the external and internal use, must use the microbial agents improved after the aquatic environment and the intestinal environment, such ability cure thoroughly.

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