Yongkang food to introduce supplementary way of collagen.
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        Supplement collagen diversity, below Yongkang food Xiaobian to introduce several ways to add:

        1、oral food

        For example, drink rich in collagen bone soup, oral collagen supplements etc.. But because be the human digestive system to filter out a large part, and really reach the skin and the very limited amount of work, therefore, the process is relatively long, efficiency is low.

        2、direct subcutaneous injection

        Mainly used for the filling of deep wrinkles, skin damage caused by defects (such as acne scar) and repair of facial defects etc.. The effect to get instant results, but injected into the skin collagen will be gradually absorbed by human body, so the effects only last six months to a year, and a few people may appear allergy, infection and other side effects.

        3、 oral administration of small molecule

       This is currently the most mature and most effective method to supplement collagen, but need to pay attention  to is the best small molecular collagen peptide natural with no added (molecular weight less than 1000 Dalton), we can really enter the dermal collagen layer to help skin repair, reconstruction.

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